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Seriously good food raises one's consciousness. Perhaps calling it a religious experience is a little over the top, but it's the right idea. You have an epiphany of sorts. Your eyes roll a bit. You feel as though you were floating above your seat.

I've always been a fan of this kind of levitation, and have related my journey of discovery--in recipe book form--of how cooking that frequently produces this state is done. The result--I hope you'll agree!--is a frolic through several culinary traditions with an emphasis on simple and reliable production of great and healthy food through inspired cooking. Enjoy!

This is the 2nd edition of this book, published December 2010. It includes a few corrections, a number of new recipes, and a slightly larger format. And it is now available in hardcopy, yay! (see the link at left). A 20% discount is in place; order while it lasts!
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Fat The role of fat in food and cooking
Statistics What statistics and statistical studies are, how they're used by nutritionists, medical researchers and the press, and why you should disregard almost everything you read of them.
Science What science is, and why neither Materialism nor Intelligent Design have anything to do with it. Brief mention to mathematics and its noble branch of statistics.